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More Than Fish Await Charlie Fryda at the Fishing Pond

For a number of years, Charlie Fryda has looked forward to the annual trip with Armour's Prairie Villa, Armour, SD, to My Fishing Pond, Inc. near Bridgewater.  Charlie has fished his entire life so he's anxious to see if the fish are biting on this particular summer day. j
Bertha (Fryda) Kasten
and Charlie Fryda

The 40 mile trip also gives Charlie the opportunity to visit his 109 year old aunt.  Bertha (Fryda) Kasten resides on the acreage at the Pond with her granddaughter, Dee Ann and her husband, John Alvarez.  It's a special time for the Frydas.  Bertha was raised in Springfield and although she moved away over 80 years ago, her frequent travels to the area to visit her siblings, neices and nephews meant a great deal to her.  Regrettably, she was forced to give up driving in her 70's when she lost her vision from macular degeration.  The visits were less frequent.  And recently it is too difficult for her to attend the Annual Fryda Reunion.  So thanks for My Fishing Pond for bringing dear ones together.

Thank you to Honeybaked Ham of Sioux Falls for your generous donation of ham in support of My Fishing pond.